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From the lush-green wildlife sanctuaries to the snow-capped peaks and rugged coastlines, Victoria boasts a huge diversity of natural beauty that is hard to resist. This Australian state inspires and encourages painters and creative assists to capture the moment in their canvas using oil and acrylic painting. If you wonder how the art galleries and museums in Melbourne display the world’s best landscape painting, you must visit this place and explore each and every historical, mountain peaks and nature-driven gems. If you are a passionate artist who wants to learn the best ways to create life-like landscape painting, keep on reading the blog and kick-start your creative and colourful journey.

Let’s Get Started!

Wisely Choose Your Subject

The success of landscape painting majorly relies upon the subject. No all landscapes are made for canvas. So, do a proper research and fin a good subject that will showcase your creative aspects and the nature’s unique feature at its best. Look for landscapes with the following elements:
  • Lush-green ranges
  • Rivers
  • Rolling Hills
  • Distant mountains
  • Pay attention to the colours and the lighting factor.
Quick Tip: Focus on the composition of your painting and see how the colours, textures and shapes will look together on the canvas. You can discover the Victoria’s hidden art gems that will help you learn the art of choosing right subject for painting.

Begin with a Simple Sketch

Don’t rust to the paintbrush. Take a few moments before getting into your artwork. According to highly-seasoned artists, it is always good to start by creating a simple sketch using a pencil. It will help you figure out the composition and the key elements of your painting. Tip: Thumbnail sketches can do wonders if you are a beginner.

Focus on Composition and Focal Points

Believe it or not! Landscape painting is all about right composition  and key elements. These factors play a crucial role in elevating your artistic painting. Being a painter in Victoria, you should know how different elements will interact with each other. Be sure you create a sense of movement using the right placement of trees, waterfall and mountains that helps uncover the artistic heritage of your subject.   Quick tip: All elements should create harmony and complement each other.

Don’t Place Focal Point in the Middle

Remember that putting the focal point in the middle can make it look static and unappealing. Instead, place the focal point to the left or right side. This promotes a dynamic effect and grab’s viewer’s attraction to the landscape painting.

Use a Limited Colour Palette

Most novice painters make a mistake of using a plenty of colours for landscape painting. This is a common blunder that can ruin the feel of your artwork. It is important to use a limited palette of colors  to keep your painting natural and cohesive. You can mix colours and add life to your landscape painting.

Leverage the Benefit of Contrast

Believe it or not!  Contrast can do wonders in your landscape painting. Use dark and light colours to create a sense of depth. It is important to pay attention how the light hits the elements and use it to create beautiful contrast. You can even visit the premier art gallery in Victoria to explore the best artwork of painters in Australia and become a pro landscape painter.


Landscape painting is one of the most creative and beautiful types of artwork. The tips shared above will help you bring beautiful landscape painting to life.

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